Activity: Transceahlau Road

Transceahlau Road Romania

From perfect tarmac to potholes turning into a complete forest road just to find a stretch of 50 meters of perfect asphalt in the middle of nowhere offering 5* views. This is Transceahlau Road Romania aka God’s Mountain.

The road crosses Ceahlău National Park and promises a nice ride as well as great views.

The road leading to Durau is perfect tarmac, a charming mountain resort and gateway to Ceahlău National Park.

In the middle of nowhere a stretch of 50 meters of perfect asphalt opens up a 5* view of Izvorul Muntelui lake. The artificial lake is a popular summertime destination. The place is also known as the Sea between the Mountains as the water is blue and stretches on 35 km in length covering some 3125 ha.

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