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Spend Halloween in Transylvania on a motorbike.

Epic motorcycle adventures in Transylvania for Dracula and Halloween lovers. Get your Van Helsing Helmet on and ride fantastic Transylvanian villages and winding mountain roads leading to Dracula’s castles and fortresses.

An exciting and playful adventure motorcycle tour in the heart of Transylvania. Bring on your silver cross, wooden stake, and a wreath of garlic and remember to check your reflection in the mirror daily.

Join our Transylvania Motorcycle Tours on a BMW motorbike. Be a part of the best Halloween Party, attend the Killing of a living Dead Event and help hunting for vampires.

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Halloween Transylvania motorcycle tour

Halloween on 2 wheels in Transylvania

Join one of the best motorcycle touring holidays including a Hell of a Ride in in Dracula’s Realm. Have a blast at the Halloween Party in Transylvania and enjoy the traditional transylvanian food and drinks.

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