Adventure Motorcycle Tours experience will take you through the most important cultural centers and historical areas. Of course, exciting, most fun motorcycle roads are also included. This is the main reason of you being here!
So, convince yourself; take a look at Adventure Motocycle Tours Destinations!

Where to go – destinations, Romania:


Transfagarasan Road

In the first place, the most crooked and challenging of Europe’s roads for motorcyclists is  Transfaragasan Road.Transfagarasan Pass is situated  2042m above sea level. Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu built this military route between 1970 and 1974. The road was built after the Soviet invasion of Cehoslovakia in 1968. It snakes up the tallest peaks of the Carpathians.

The road is open only 3 months per year. Due to the high altitude you can find walls of snow on the side of the road even in July.

Morover, Jeremy Clarkson at Top Gear, BBC, referred to Transfagarasan as The Best Road in The World!

Transalpina Highway

You will experience the thrill of the mountain winding roads and breathtaking views on Romania’s highest mountain road – Transalpina. Ride your motorcycle to the clouds on one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountains. The road is one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountain Chain and the highest mountain road in Romania. As a matter of fact its highest point is at Urdele Pass. The road crosses Parang Mountains and reaches 2,145m above sea level.
Transalpina Road makes the connection between Transylvania and Oltenia. Also called The King’s Road by the locals, it was built in 1938 under the rule of King Carol II of Romania.  Besides an economic purposethe road was also a strategic and military route. The German Troopsrebuilt the road during World War II by German troops.

Transbucegi Road

Also known as The Old Ladies Road offers some of the Best views of the Carpathian Mountains. Transbucegi is a narrow, sinuous road. It leads up to Bucegi Plateau, close to The Old Ladies and The Sphinx. These are famous Romanian rock formations shaped by the Wind.
Transbucegi Road can be reached from Sinaia following theroad up on DN71. As per road signs, at Cota 1000 the riders will leave DN71 and head on DJ713, known as Transbucegi. 20 km of motorbike heaven, 17 of them tarmac, filled with road bends and hairpin curves, will unveil amazing views over the mountains. The rest of 3 km is protected area and therefore off limits to riders or drivers.
A 3 km hike in a natural reservation, filled with rare species of plants will take the adventurers to Babele (The Old Ladies) and The Sphinx.


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