The Haunting World of Bram Stoker on the Back of a BMW Motorcycle Listen to Garrison’s interview with Claudia Palfi of AdventureMotorcycle Tours and Rentals, the most important motorcycle tours organizer in Eastern Europe:

When you hear the word “Transylvania,” what do you think about? Do you envision creaking doors, helpless maidens, howling wolves and flapping bats, caped noblemen with vicious fangs, thunder and lightning booming down on a desolate castle? Do you envision werewolves? Vampires? Bram Stoker? Dracula? Bela Lugosi? Vlad the Impaler?

The real Transylvania is a daylight fantasy filled with high altitude roads, lost-in-time villages and sun-drenched plains dotted with ancient churches and castle ruins.

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Best of Transylvania – Motorcycle Tour in Cycle Torque Magazine Australia. The Team of Transylvania Live Motorcycle Tours has an exciting itinerary to tempt you to Romania! 

Cycle Torque has done a tour with Transylvania Live before and it’s one of the best things we’ve done on a bike. 

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Motorcycles Tours in Transylvania on Travel Channel

The Thrillseekers Guide, a program transmitted on Travel Channel filmed Adventure Motorcycle Motorcycles Tours in Transylvania.

wat moet je in Moldavie en Transnistrie Wat een uithoek. De Roemeense havenstad Galați beantwoordt helemaal aan het clichébeeld van een postcommunistische industriestad, die als een postapocalyptisch filmdecor fungeert.

Zwarte pijpleidingen, zwarte schoorstenen, zwarte wolken, zwarte plassen modder en gemorste olie op kasseien en spoorrails We zijn op weg naar de grensovergang met de Republiek Moldavië. 

Halleluja in Bucovina in 

Roemenië is gemaakt voor motorrijders.
Het Balkanland staat op nummer één in Europa als het om avontuurlijke offroad- en enduroritten gaat.

Toerrijders rijden likkebaardend over de Transfăgărăşan. Maar ook de Transalpina en Transbucegi ontsluiten huiveringwekkend prachtige hooggebergten.

En dan zijn er nog de streken Banat, Maramures en Bukovina, waar tussen de bossen en bergen oeroude tradities worden gekoesterd.

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Deutschland/Germany Transylvania Motorcycle Tours in  Motorrad Magazin – MO

Mehr als Dracula “Alpen” und “motorrad” – das past. Auch in den Transylvanischen Alpen.

Hier befindet sich das spektakulare Bucegi – Gebirge und seit kurzem auch eine nicht minder spektaculare neue Gebirgsstrasse.

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Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live 
in Cycle Torque Motorbike Magazine Australia. 

Find out more about our motorcycle fleet and rental services from the motorbike journalist, Chriss Picket. 

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Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live’s Best of Transylvania
7 day motorbike tour

included in TheGuardian – The Best Romania holiday ideas.

The prestigious newspaper – The Guardian has put together some of Romania’s highlights, from buzzing Bucharest to mountain trails and castles.

Among the best Romania holidays ideas, the newspaper has included the seven-day motorbike tour that is operated in Transylvania by Adventure Motorcycle Tours.

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Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania live in

Motor Magazine Netherlands

Positive Pracht by Michiel Van Damme
Op de motor door  Roemenië

Roemenië heeft geen beste reputatie. Vampiers, een stalinistische dictator en milieuverwoestende industrie Ën bepalen het beeld, dat recent nog werd aangevuld door skimmende en kunstrovende

Op reis met de motor door Maramures¸ ontdek je echter een ander beeld.

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Claudia Palfi of Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live in Motorcyclist Magazine US



Vampire Hunting in Romania

Peter Starr and Zed Zawada of Motorcyclist Magazine USA started the trip of their lifetime on two wheels in search for Dracula in the mysterious Transylvania. 

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Adventure Motorcycle Tours  – Transylvania in Motorcycle Mojo -Tour in TransylvaniaMotorcycle Mojo Canada

by Paddy Tyson 

Glenn and I were to spend six days exploring the region on BMW F650GS motorcycles in the company of Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live on their Best of Transylvania – Motorcycle Tour.

AMT provides complete, turnkey, adventure motorcycle touring packages to anyone arriving at Cluj-Napoca airport.

Many people say that adventure travel isn’t something that can be experienced on an organized tour, but I beg to differ, because everything is relative.

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The Rider's Digest -Motorcycle Tours in TransylvaniaAdventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live Motorcycle Tours Article in 

 The Riders Digest from UK

Jeof Thomas in a motorcycle tourby Jeoff Thomas

Transfagarasan Highway
: Just when you think that things can’t get any better, they do. It’s like riding into a photograph that you recognize.

Hairpin bend after hairpin bend, climbing into the snow and clouds. The sight lines are perfect and all of the road is there to use. T
he sight lines are perfect and all of the road is there to be used. You don’t need to ride quickly and it doesn’t really matter what bike your riding, it’s all just spectacularly good.

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Cycle Torque - Australian Motorcycle Magazine about Motorcycle Tours in Transylvania, Eastern Europe
Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live – Article in

Cycle Torque Australia

by Chriss PicketMotorcycle Tours in Romania

The trip was exotic, humorous, sobering, wild, breathtaking, and visually spectacular.
To say this is one of the greatest things I’ve done on a motorcycle is a major understatement.
It’s hard to describe the region’s beauty but there’s many areas in Australia just as beautiful. I found the culture and the way of life of the Romanian people the special part of the trip.

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Transylvania Motorcycle Tours

100 % Biker Magazine-Nik SimsonTransylvanian Travels in 100% Biker, UK

by Nik Simson

There were, you see, a ruck of 650GS BMWs and one 1200GS. We were to draw lots for who rode which bike and muggins here got the last number to be drawn so I, basically, had to wait until the others’d picked their bikes and then take what was left.

We all assumed the 1200 was Alin’s and so they all picked a 650 and, when it was my turn, I was about to too when Alin walked across the remaining 650 and got on it.

That meant I got the 1200 – result! 

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BMW Motorader Germany-SabineMotorrad Magazine Germany-Transylvania Motorcycle TourGermany:

Transylvania Motorcycle Tours in 
BMW Motorrader

Tief im Osten

text: Sabine Schermer

Schon seit vielen Jahren fahren die Abenteurer mit ihren grobstolligen Enduros nach Rumanien und teilen dort urwuchsiges Gelande mit Baren und Wolfen.

Ein Geheimtipp, den auch Fahrer von Strasenmotorradern ins Kalkul ziehen sollten.

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BMW ON - Court FisherBMW Motorcycle Owner of America-Owner News
Riding Transylvania BMW ON Motorcycles Owners of America

by Court Fisher

With apologies to Bram Stocker’s Dracula and the contemporary vampire craze, riding in Romania’s Transylvania region is more exciting than a bite on the neck or learning how to kill the living dead.

Transylvania’s mix of cultural histories and conflict, medieval to baroque to modern architecture, horse-drawn carts clopping along European Union signage highways, the residue of Nicolae Ceausescu’s Soviet – era dictatorship, and riding the spectacular Transfagarasan Pass make for a very heady motorcycle jaunt. 

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Austalian Road Rider -Motorcycles Tours in RomaniaFanging around Romania
article in Australian Road Rider

Transylvania is not just about Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula).
It happens to have some of the best motorcycle roads the world does n’t know about yet.  Motorcycle Tours in Eastern Europe
Any minute now, everyone else is going to discover Romania’s spectacular scenic roads, winding mountain passes and legend-rich medieval villages and castles, and you may miss the opportunity to have a mapful of breathtaking rides almost to yourself.

When you start dreaming about a riding. 

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Motorrad Magazine Germany-Transylvania Motorcycle TourGermany:
Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live

in BMW Motorrader

Transalpina Road 

Neues Reiseziel – Neben de beliebten Transfagarasan Pass hat Rumanien nur eine weitere attraction zu bieten: die Transaplina Road die hocste Bergstraße Rumaniens (bis 2145 Meters uber dem Meerspiegel). 

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Transylvania Motorcycle ToursAdventure Motorcycle Tours — Transylvania Live in 


100% Biker, UK

Better than Sex

After Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear) referred to the Transfagarasan Road in Romania as possibly the best in the world (and I have to agree with him having riddet im meself) the Romanians have revealed their secret weapon the Transalpina Road. 

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Transylvania Motorcycle ToursAdventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live

Ultimate MotorCycling Magazine, USA

Live from Transylvania 
Transylvania’s touring charms include amazing scenery, ancient architecture, crumbling soviet era infrastructure and great foud; of yeah there are also some great riding roads and drivind a stake trough undead to make them dead, too. 

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Adventure Motorcycle Tours in Australian PressAdventure Motorcycle Tours Article in

Promotor from Netherland

by Michiel van Dam 


Today we would have a weblog. But late 19th century, when the Dracula book appeared, there were diaries. Bram Stoker’s novel is therefore composed of diary entries from the fictional protagonists. 

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Adventure Motorcycle Tours in Australian PressAdventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live Article in

Cycle Torque from Australia

by Chriss Picket


In 2010 Cycle Torque toured Transylvania with the Transylvania Live tour company. Simply put it was a fantastic trip, with fantastic guides, scenery, local people etc. One of the exciting parts of the trip was riding the Transfagarasan Road which was mind blowing. In the Top Gear program Jeremy Clarkson described it as possibly the best in the world.
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Motorcycles Tours in Europe


Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live in

The Guide Europa en Moto
Les mejores Rutas

Written by Gustavo Cuervo an experienced motorcycle travel journalist, that travelled more than 80 countries on five continents, Europa en Moto has all that a biker need to ride in Europe: itineraries ideas and how to prepare a motorcycle tour. Transylvania Live has helped with the writing of Eastern Europe section of this guide. 

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Image result for bbc news logo

Transylvania Live interviewed by  BBC News

Listen to our interview with a Romanian tourguide who’s leading a Halloween tour of the walled city in Transylvania (Sighisoara).”

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Men's Journal about Transylvania Live's Heli-ski in Transylvania

Transylvania Live’s activities in Men’s Journal

Get wild in the Land of Dracula

Explore Romania’s rugged side with the adventure set
By Paul Bibeau

..take a chopper out of town to heli-ski the Iezer Papusa, Fagaras, and Bucegi mountains. A customized trip sure to be unforgetable but you’ll have to be in in excellent conditon to hack it.

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Transylvania Live’s Halloween Party hosted on Deutsche Welle

Dracula-Tourism is of course greatest in Transylvania on October 31st. Not only do people go there to party – some even arrive for bigger celebrations.
Reporter Catherine Graue, who met a number of them on her Halloween outing to Transylvania -including a British couples who came to get married.

The question is: how are the Romanians taking the influx of gouls and goblins?

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Image result for Canadian Biker magazine cover

Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live’s sponsored rally featured in Canadian Biker

Canadian Biker published the article Transylvania calling you.

If you’re looking for something a little different this summer consider accepting the invitation sent to Canadian motorcyclists…

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Press trips by Adventure Motorcycle Tours

More than 10 journalists from various motorcycle magazines from BMW ON USA, Cycletorque Australia, 100% Biker and Riders Digest from UK, Motorad Magazin Germany and Motorcycle Mojo Canada have done The Best of Transylvania – Motorcycle Tour. 
If you are a member of the press interested in a press trip please contact us

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