Greece Motorcycle Tour

A Greece Motorcycle Tour – a motorbike adventure in the realm of the Greek Gods, ancient sites and amazing motorbike roads. In the summer time the temperatures in Greece can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius. This can make riding a motorbike a little bit uncomfortable so autumn was chosen for this adventure.

White Tower, Thessaloniki Greece

Late September with great temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius and the great motorbike roads of Greece. 

The adventure starts in northern Greece in Thessaloniki (Salonika), a charming city on the shore of Thermaic Golf. 8 motorbikes, 11 riders and 1 support car transporting the luggage and a spare motorbike just in case. 

Evenings in Thessaloniki are busy. The terraces are full of people ready to have fun. The restaurants offer live Greek music and the flavours of Greece.

The start of a new adventure

Dinner with Greek live show was a treat. The food was just what the group needed to emerge in the Greek culture.

Greece Motorcycle Tour, Mount Olympus

A leisure day starts. Riding along the Olympian Bay to Mount Olympus, the highest in Greece, reaching up to 2918 m in altitude.

From November until beginning of May the summit is covered in snow.  The ride on Olympus Mountain offers great views over the coastal line and the summer resorts.

The road snakes up through the forest offering some great riding and amazing photo opportunities. A short section of gravel road takes you to mountain base. The riders can enjoy a refreshing drink at the small restaurant and a walk up to the mountain.

At the foot of this majestic mountain lies one of the oldest oracles in Greece, the Oracle of Dione. In times unforgotten, Alexander – the Great used to come here to reach advice. He would leave an offering before going on his military expeditions. After a short ride the adventurers arrive in Platamonas. Accommodation is right on the sea side offering an amazing sunrise. Waking up in the morning with this view can charge one’s batteries for a long time.

motorcycle Holiday Greece, Meteora

The ride continues on Kato Olympus Mountain with a series of hair pin curves. The road gradually opens to wider curves while riding towards Meteora. Meteora is a complex of medieval monasteries built on top of high cliffs in the region of Kalampaka.

The road of Kalampaka is sprinkled with such monasteries and rocks full of hermit caves. 

Some wooden ladders and ropes go to the small caves in the rocks. They lead to where hermits used to live Evening in the city of Lamia.

The Hot Gates – Thermopylae and the 300 Spartans

The city was chosen for its proximity to the Hot Gates, Thermopylae. Here, in ancient times 300 spartan soldiers lead in the battle by King Leonidas stood against thousands of Persians. They managed to keep the gates protected for three days fighting to their last breath. They fell in the end heroically.

Greece motorbike tour, Hot Gates

On the place of the great battle the statue of King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans can now be seen. 

Right across the street is the Kolonos Hill. Here is a memorial plaque – a modern re-creation of Go Tell the Spartans epitaph. Close by is the monument of the 700 Thespians. They have fought side by side with the Spartans in this epic battle.

The ride continues on a winding road to the foot of Parnassus Mountain. Here is the place where the Oracle of Delphi used to make prophecies.

The ruins of a great place, the location still carries through the rocks the echoes of the ancient World. Important kings and commoners as well would travel long distances to ask questions. They would hear the prophecies of the God Apollo trough the mouth of Pythia – the virgin oracle.

Explore the capital city – Athens

The capital city – Athens is next. Being the cradle of civilization, the riders will spend 2 days in this magnificent city. Cobbled street and visiting its most precious treasuries: The Acropolis and Acropolis Museum. Athens has so much to offer. The museums, galleries and even underground metro stations are designed as museums. They display some of the artifacts found while digging the metro passageways.

Greece motorbike tours, Corinth Canal

Back on the steel horses riding on the shores of the Aegean Sea to Corinth ancient site. Crossing Corinth Canal is a great experience. Watching the submersible bridge making way for big ships to cross the narrow canal is a treat.

The ride on the northern Peloponnese offers amazing views on the Ionian Sea, Corinth Gulf. 
The accommodation is a reward: on the sea side overlooking Rio – Antirrio Cable stayed bridge.

Furthermore crossing the bridge was a challenge because of the heavy wind blowing but great fun. Crossing from Peloponnese to main land Greece using this bridge has a small toll for motorbikes, but totally worth it.

Cape Lefkas, european motorcycle holidays

The beautiful Island of Lefkada with its wild nature and great motorbike labyrinth roads is next. 

Cape Lefkas, the southernmost point of the Island offers amazing views. The legend says that ancient poetese Sapho, allegedly committed suicide hurling herself from the rock at Cape Lefkas. 

Overnight in Vassiliki at a cozy hotel right at the seaside, already dreaming of what is yet to be discovered. 

Live like a Pasha in Ioannina

Heading north towards Ioannina on sinuous roads with a stop in the city of Arta. Arta is famous for its medieval castle ruins and the Bridge of Arta. The bridge today is a 17-century ottoman construction made of stones. The dramatic legend of building the stone bridge with human sacrifice is told to this day.

Tzoumerka National Park Greece motorcycle holidays

East of Ioannina is Tzoumerka National Park, Peristeri & Arachtos Gorges – a wild and beautiful mountainous region hiding great treasures. 

A rare collection of hairpin curves has attracted the riders in this region. They will discover more than they bargained for: The enclosed Monastery of Kipina.

Built right in the walls of the mountain rock, Kipina Monastery offers an insight to monastic life. The adventure closes to its end as the riders are cutting the edge of Pindus National Park towards Thessaloniki. 

A stop at Edessa for a tasty traditional gyros and a visit to the highest waterfall in Greece is a must.  Heading to Thessaloniki, the road passes by the city of Pella. The history buffs know this place as being the birthplace of Alexander the Great. A small but yet evocative museum has opened his doors for visitors of central Macedonia here.

Pella – home of Alexander the Great

Although the museum is not dedicated to Alexander the Great, it totally worth a visit. The famous marble head of Alexander, dating 4th century BC is here on display. The ride finishes in Thessaloniki with a traditional Greek dinner. Greek beer and live Greek music can not be missed. And the Greeks never get tired of playing their bouzouki.

motorcycle tour europe

Duration of the tour: 11 days
Riding days: 9 days
Total distance: Approximately 2200 km/ 1368 miles
Shortest ride – 4h15min
Longest ride – 6h40 min
Skill level: intermediate 
Lodging type: Very good quality Hotels (3* and 4*)
Rides: On paved roads as well as small sections of gravel roads

When to ride: spring or autumn are recommended. 
The temperatures will be favorable and visiting the attractions out of summer season will give the visitors more space avoiding the crowds.

The 201 edition of Greece motorbike tour will start on September 09 and is now on sale with a generous Early Booking Discount.

The riders can find out more about the tour by visiting: ttp:// 

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Ride safe and enjoy the adventure!

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